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Connecting Construction

The Square is an award winning hiring & workforce management platform for construction companies.

Digital Efficiency Initiative Of The Year

Startup Of The Year 

Best Place To Work

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About The Square App

The Square App is an award winning workforce management platform for specialist skilled industries, currently construction. We're connecting companies with vetted professionals creating the largest network of specialist skilled professionals and organisations in the world.

We have thousands of companies and tens of thousands of construction professionals already on The Square and we're growing every single day. 

Instantly matched

Our smart algorithm matches companies to the best available workers, instantly. All workers are vetted through our automated systems that verify their industry qualifications. No other platform does this.

How does it work?

Companies can promote jobs for free

Specify trades, years of experience, qualifications, location and salary to find the best worker available. It takes just minutes. 


Save time, money & effort

Companies can find, hire and manage their workforce all in one place saving them a whole load of time, money and effort compared to conventional methods.


How it works...


Vetted professionals

Our technology verifies industry relevant qualifications ensuring workers are checked before they even arrive on site.

Save money

Using smart technology our systems match companies to quality, vetted professionals instantly, potentially saving thousands of pounds.

Manage Section106's

Our app enables companies to deliver Section 106 requirements more easily by targeted job hires.

Apprentices, Graduates & Ex-Military Leavers are important to us

Companies are able to promote their apprenticeships for free on the platform. Just out way of giving something back.

Companies on The Square

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Find out about our other businesses...

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